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CoolSculpting Overview

Have you noticed that despite working out, you still have stubborn areas of fat? Then you will appreciate CoolSculpting®, the non-surgical fat removal. This new technology, called Cryolipolysis, uses controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate unwanted fatty deposits without surgery or downtime so that you can return to your normal activities immediately. It is the only FDA cleared non-surgical fat reduction treatment that can gently and effectively target fat cells under the skin, without harming the surrounding tissue. It treats stubborn fat that fails to respond to diet and exercise. It is available at Pure Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, CA. they also offer patient specials and packages based on the number of areas treated.

How does it work?

CoolSculpting was developed by Harvard dermatologists who were investigating how young children in the 70’s who ate a lot of popsicles growing up developed dimples. They realized that the cold from the popsicles caused fat cells in the children’s cheeks to break down and die. They discovered that fat cells are vulnerable to the effects of cold and that when fat cells are exposed to controlled cooling, these cells would gradually die. Thus CoolSculpting was born. Today this non-surgical breakthrough can eliminate discreet pockets of stubborn fat, without damaging the surrounding tissue.

In 2010 the FDA cleared the CoolSculpting device for fat reduction. CoolSculpting can remove the fat that causes love handles, muffin tops, tummy pouches, fatty thighs and arms, and double chins. Fatty deposits that resist diet and exercise are the perfect target.

Am I a candidate?

CoolSculpting is for both men and women. In order to best determine if the type of fat that you have is amenable to CoolSculpting, it is best if you come in so that our expertly trained staff of MDs, Physician Assistants and Medical staff who are certified through CoolSculpting University can evaluate you.

What’s the difference between fat reduction and weight loss?

When you lose weight your fat cells shrink but the same number of fat cells remain. When you gain weight, those fat cells enlarge. CoolSculpting kills the targeted fat cells, reducing the number of fat cells. Thus, whether you gain or lose weight, the eliminated fat cells are gone for good.

What happens in a CoolSculpting session?

When you meet with our CoolSculpting University trained and certified practitioners, you and they will create a customized, individualized treatment plan of the areas to be treated. One area is about the size of your hand.

The CoolSculpting device is positioned on the selected area(s) and controlled cooling is applied, painlessly freezing body fat, causing it to disintegrate. The dead cells are cleared from your body over time.

The treated fat cells are destroyed and will not return. The entire procedure takes about 60 minutes. You can expect a 25% fat reduction in the treated areas. Additional treatments will provide greater reduction.

CoolSculpting or Liposuction?

If you have been thinking about getting rid of discreet areas of fat, now you have a non-invasive treatment that can replace liposuction for these discreet areas. No needles, surgery or anesthesia required. It is less expensive than liposuction, and just like liposuction, the results are permanent!

However, CoolSculpting is limited to small areas. It achieves results similar to liposuction but the most dramatic results will be seen after two months, whereas liposuction results are more immediate (though you will have to deal with postoperative bruising/swelling and pain).

It is FDA cleared for excessive fat on the abdomen, love handles, and back fat, & inner and outer thighs. However from our experience, we use it regularly in our office for armpit fat, bra fat, and excessive fat on the upper arms themselves. For those that desire to avoid surgery, CoolSculpting is ideal.

Find out if CoolSculpting can help you. Schedule a consultation with our board-certified dermatologists and staff who have been trained at CoolSculpting University. This is important because results are affected by the person administering the procedure, so you want the best trained and most experienced person. Pure Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, in Newport Beach, California offers you the skill and expertise to address all your goals and needs.

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